The Importance of Macro Coaching Certification

Macro coaching is a science-based nutrition strategy that matches calculated numbers to your unique needs. It’s not a fad diet and it can be used to help you lose weight or build muscle.

It’s a great fit for online nutrition, health, or fitness coaches that want to level up their macro knowledge and grow a thriving business.

The Knowledge

As a macro nutrition coach, you need to know how to properly structure client programs that fit their specific goals and life circumstances. This is critical for delivering the high-quality results your clients demand. Without this knowledge, you will struggle to consistently book and retain clients and build a thriving coaching business that you love working in.

This is why our macro coaching certification program is the best way to learn the skills and knowledge you need to be successful. We provide comprehensive education in nutrition, macros, coaching and client management systems to give you the tools to succeed as a macro nutrition coach.

We also go above and beyond to teach you how to run a thriving coaching business from the ground up, including marketing and sales strategies to help you get more clients and build your confidence on sales calls. We even cover how to manage your schedule so you can focus on delivering the highest quality service to your clients and grow your business with ease.

Most nutrition courses and certifications leave you with the education, but not the skills to take your business to the next level. Our two-prong approach saves you time and money by packing nutrition and fitness into one certification program.

With our certification, you’ll learn how to set up and manage client programs that align with their goals, lifestyle, and body composition priorities. You’ll understand the many factors that play into calculating a sustainable calorie deficit or surplus, and you’ll discover multiple ways to track macros for greater accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency.

You’ll also learn how to modify a clients’ diet for specific situations that may arise, such as eating out or going on vacation. This will give you the confidence to deliver high-quality, personalized nutrition services to your clients.

Macro Mentorship is a 4 month NASM, ISSA and AFAA approved group coaching program and business course for existing or aspiring health coaches to become certified macro nutrition coaches. It is offered a handful of times each year for a limited number of spots, so be sure to register when it opens!

The Credibility

Credibility is the quality that makes something or someone believable. It is a relatively complex concept with both objective and subjective components, but some of its key features include trustworthiness and expertise. Trustworthiness refers to the degree to which a person or source is perceived as reliable, while expertise refers to the level of knowledge or skill in a particular area.

A macro coach needs to be credible in order to build a practice and serve clients. However, it is important to remember that credibility can also be eroded quickly. One false step or inconsistency can have a huge impact on whether or not you are seen as trustworthy and reputable by your target audience.

Developing your own personal brand and reputation is a great way to establish yourself as a credible macro coach. You can do this by sharing your experiences with others, and by providing information that is useful and insightful. Additionally, you can use social media to promote your coaching business and attract new customers.

Macro coaches need to be able to show their clients the results they can get from working with them. A good way to do this is by providing testimonials from past clients. This will help prospective clients feel confident in working with the coach.

It is also a good idea to have a portfolio of client before and after photos. This will demonstrate your knowledge of the macronutrients and how they can improve fitness and health outcomes for clients.

Finally, it is important to develop your own coaching style and philosophy in the macro nutrition niche. This will set you apart from other coaches and help to build a loyal following of clients.

Having all of the necessary knowledge and experience is crucial to becoming a credible macro nutrition coach. However, most macro nutrition certification courses only teach you the basics of the subject matter and do not go into how to apply it in a practical setting or build a successful business. This is why Macro Mentorship is different – it goes above and beyond by teaching you how to actually get clients, manage your client relationships, and grow a profitable coaching business.

The Experience

If you’re looking to ace your macro coaching skills and take your nutrition knowledge to the next level, this certification program is the perfect fit. This 4-month group coaching program and business course is designed for fitness professionals and coaches with a solid understanding of health, wellness, or fitness coaching (personal trainers, bodybuilding coaches, nutritionists) who are ready to take their client results and success to the next level by implementing the power of macro based eating into their clients' diets.

The Macro Mentorship certification program is different than other nutrition-based coaching programs in that it includes a solid foundation of client programming and macronutrient based eating protocols, but also covers all the tools needed to run a successful nutrition coaching practice. The curriculum goes beyond the traditional nutrition education courses that focus solely on the nitty-gritty of food science and covers topics such as how to design your own client onboarding and tracking systems, business management strategies, and more.

This knowledge will help you better serve your current and future clients by helping you create a personalized nutrition plan that's unique to their lifestyle and needs. You'll learn how to optimize their calorie, protein, carb, and fat intake to maximize their results while staying within their current activity level. Plus, you'll discover how to modify their dietary plans for special situations they will inevitably encounter such as eating out or vacations.

You’ll also learn how to work with a variety of clients and their unique health and fitness needs including women during pregnancy and postpartum, bariatric surgery patients, hormone imbalances, autoimmune disorders and more. Through an abundance of real client case studies, coaching experience with voice memo and loom video responses, and practice setting up macros and protocols for new clients, you'll graduate with confidence-boosting, real world knowledge.

The investment in this macro coaching certification is well worth the investment for fitness professionals and coaches who are serious about mastering the art of nutrition and establishing a long-term sustainable and profitable business. You’ll make your money back in a year or less, guaranteed if you stick with it and implement the business strategies you learn!

The Business

There’s never been a better time to master the intricate science of macro nutrition. Clients are smarter than ever, and they know that the stale cookie-cutter meal plan, 1,200-calorie, can’t-eat-carbs diet just won’t cut it. They’re looking for an expert who can help them set goals, structure a program tailored to their individual needs, and support them in the process of getting there.

That’s why a macro coaching certification is so important. It provides you with everything you need to start coaching clients — or grow your existing practice. With a macro coaching certificate you’ll learn how to coach clients on their specific macronutrients, behavior change strategies and nutrition business models.

This is the kind of macro education that will help you stand out from the competition and make a bigger impact in your clients’ lives. And because clients are going to want a coach to get them through the learning curve, you’ll find it easier to book clients and retain them over time.

The Level 1 program is not only a comprehensive course in macronutrients and behavior change strategies, but it’s also one of the more affordable options on the market. It’s a four-month course that’s broken down into three different modules, with each module focusing on one of the macronutrients. The first module focuses on the fundamentals of nutrition and how the body works, while the second focuses on carbohydrate metabolism. The third and final module focuses on protein and how to manage a high-protein diet.

As an added bonus, they offers coaching support and resources within the course. This includes a coaches community, group coaching calls periodically and other helpful training and resources that will save you time and energy.

Taking a macro coaching course is the best way to master the art of working with your clients to set and achieve their goals. Whether you’re a health, fitness or strength and conditioning coach, a macro coaching certificate will allow you to take your career to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Learn how to coach your clients on their specific macros and build a thriving business in the process.

Macro coaching is a science-based nutrition strategy that matches calculated numbers to your unique needs. It’s not a fad diet and it can be used to help you lose weight or build muscle. It’s a great fit for online nutrition, health, or fitness coaches that want to level up their macro knowledge and grow a…